Ranting About RSS Feed Readers

Recently, I've had a bit of trouble with RSS readers. It all started when Vivaldi added RSS support to their web browser, as Vivaldi Feeds. Previously, I was just using a Chrome extension, but now it was just built into the browser! #winning, right? No.

Along with feeds, Vivaldi also added Mail and Calendars, and for some reason, they decided to treat RSS items and emails the same way. This allows you to reply to RSS feeds, regardless if the feed includes the author tag, or if you are even logged in to an email account.

Vivaldi mail can only be opened in one window, which doesn't sound bad. However, I have an extension that only allows one tab to be open at a time. I heard it's good for productivity, but I digress. Vivaldi Mail opens in a new tab, which the extension doesn't allow, so it opens a new window instead, which causes Vivaldi Mail to both open and not open at the same time.

I think I'll just stick to using Gmail's basic HTML layout.

...which means that I can't read any of my feeds. Stupid browser can't do nothing! But that's enough about Vivaldi, it's time to complain about something else!

I read an article on Razorback95 talking about Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is Mozilla's email client that happens to support RSS Feeds. Now, what I didn't know is Mozilla stopped supporting it years ago, and the people who maintain it now aren't... uh... doing the best job at updating it.

Notice the difference between the "Get Messages" button and the reply button.

What you end up with this strange clash between WinForms and Firefox, combined with confusing menus and... tabs? I genuinely stared at my screen in bewilderment for a solid ten minutes, trying to figure out what I was looking at. It was not a pleasant experience.

Settings menu ripped straight from Firefox. What!

Even using Kugee's guide, I couldn't figure out how to add feeds to it. It seems like if you're using an outdated version of Windows, then they'll give you an older version of Thunderbird, a version that doesn't have the menus shuffled around. Neat feature.

I eventually uninstalled Thunderbird.

I still needed an RSS reader, though, which is why I decided to make my own! Kinda. I slapped together a PHP script that uses text to speech to tell me when there was an update to one of the feeds.

Everything was great until I added some more obscure blogs that I couldn't remember the URL of, which made it a bit difficult... It was pretty much a cycle of being told to read something and then not knowing how to find it. Whoops!

I gave up and just reinstalled the Chrome extension I was using. It's whatever.


This page was created on June 17th, 2021.